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Hashiriya San

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PostSubject: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 12:45 am

alright guys not been on here for absolutly yonks i was at the last toa meet, im a big jap fan having had an st205 gt4 and a civic eg, i was looking at buying an evo 5 in september but im going to wait till im 25 now next year, i brought my little project as abit of a stop gap as posted previously in my gt4 build my love of french hatches,

while posting up my build thread elsewhere i thought why not post it here its going to be marmite and its going to get heavily critiscised but hey i like to mix things up a little and to see if i will really get chased out of town for my ideas lol alien

WHEN reading this please read it with the fact im into jap cars and can afford them not just some chav who buys a pug because im bad y0 lol... before calling me all the names under the sun, im big on my hondas and jap turbos :p ive included plenty of jap porn aswell to make up for the offence lol

here goes:
i was never meant to keep it this long but well, im a sucker for a french hot hatch it was brought as a stop gap to have some fun in the summer on track and as always i cant help myself putting money in and this cars to become a bigger project than my old st205 gt4 and alot more money ploughed in lol, im still getting my evo 5 but im waiting till i turn 25 now next year as i wanted to try and still keep the pug aswell as getting another car that bankrupts me lol.

anyway heres the build finally now its stopping, taken from another forum so some info and ideas may have changed,

story goes i had a fast vts about 3-4 years ago ive had a whole range of cars throughout but one car that had never left my mind was the vts and gti, and my dad brought a saxo vtr as his track toy and ive been using that, i recently sold my 340bhp carbon clad st205 celica gt4 and was REALLY looking at getting an s13 200sx as i had brought a civic eg4 for a full b18 conversion that was going to cater for my fast fwd track fun,

anyway me being me i could not help but look at fast 106's and saxo's and one in paticular i took to which was richs s1 xsi with gti conversion, i loved the compomotives on it at 1st glance but it looked like the money had also been spent in the right places for a nice cheap track toy(well was cheap till i started spending more money) the general plan was to buy this as a stop gap and play on the tracks while saving for my perfect rwd car,

well me being me again viewed the car the steering wheel being 6 ft 5 was my 1st issue being a big wheel, so that was instantly going to be swapped, on the journey home i instantly fell in love it drove nice and cornered really well(forgetting i had a spare ax gti gearbox in the back on a few occassions)

anyway here was the spec:

1992 XSi Miami Blue with J4 16v conversion

-Shell 94.5k miles
-MOT October 2011
-6 months tax as of June 1st
-J4 16v engine, runs perfectly with no oil consumption, nasty noises, smoke or anything else untoward. fully rebuilt using O.E. parts prior to installation in this car!
-VTS/GTI gearbox
-BBM GrpN engine mounts
-BMC carbon airbox
-Raceland 4-2-1 manifold
-3" Pugsport
-Compbrake Quickshift
-Compomotive TH Mono wheels shod in excellent Khumo KU-31's
-Spax PSX adjustable suspension
-PolyRace front wishbone bushes and new OE rear bushes
-New droplinks
-Alloy 23mm master cylinder, DOT 5.1 fluid and ABS deleted
-266mm brakes with nearly new OMP roadsport pads
-New rad, thermo, high-pressure rad cap, rear hose and outlet and premium coolant
-New coilpack
-Fully serviced approx 1.5k ago
-Single wiper conversion
-Sparco harnesses
-Clifford G300 alarm
-Remote central locking and electric windows.

few bits need sorting waiting on my pal who is a paint sprayer for vauxhall he is currently setting up his own buisness so the car will be mint in a few weeks

got the car home

pals new premisis to be

set about removing the ship steering wheel

omp boss

i had stolen the gt4 steering wheel before sale swapping it so i already had an omp wheel but as usual looking for a boss i came accross an omp corsica wheel and snap off boss so brought that, in the mean time fitted the other wheel

i was also on the lookout for cage and buckets, being tall it had to be a half cage for trackdays with a helmet, my gt4 had a full cage but it was a bigger car by miles lol.

anyway picked some omp trs buckets up with omp fixed subframes

started removing the front seats

cant fit the drivers one as it sits too high, and again being big i have to think about helmet space aswell as head space, so im currently looking for a custom subframe maker so it can sit lower and further back.

then picked up a geronimo cage in fiat broom yellow

new omp wheel came

drives fantastic with this the amount of leg room the dish has given me

and my crocs lol

few choice stickers being A MASSIVE JAP CAR and HONDA FAN and owning a jap club and having loads of mates with hondas

my best pal helping me bolt the cage in :p


brought some 106 rallye vents, previous owner had removed the fog lights(came with the car spares he gave me) but being me its the same shape as the rallye so thought it had to have some pods Smile

car handled epic on spax rsx adjustable shocks and springs and then 1 spring snapped so i brought some cheapo jamex coilys to get me back on the road straight away as i didnt want another garden ornament, with the help of the lads at rw developments we got them fitted,

bilstien b8's or omp's are going on these are just so its on the road, if you drive your car like a pussy or want low and slow these are great and a cheap alternative, if you drive the car how its meant to be driven forget it on my drive to wales it wasnt half **** compared to before Sad

i cracked the drop link in being too aggressive removing the arm(knew how to do them after that, so i ordered 2 new drop links from mark @ pjs autos crossfield industrial estate another top bloke whos helped out alot anyway car sat for the week at their unit while new drop links arrived for the following weekend

added my little sticker lol

new drop links old one was knackered anyway

i brought some goodies in the week aswell,

a few bits from streamline carbon(the guy with the epic 106 thats all over youtube owns the company i think)
headunit and glovebox blank(real carbon dont do fake)

an omp strutbrace(that doesnt fit my car because of the 16v engine Sad )

an rw developments day out karting and we was all absolutly bolloxed when we got back but we fitted the other side anyway lol.

back on it

they had just finnished painting robs ep3 type r civic aswell in bmw m3 blue

snapped spring

more goodies ordered

trs helmet net

previous goodies arrived

glovebox removed and other bits in

more bits arrived

because the coilovers were that **** i got my uncle to then cobble the old spax adjustable shocks with the jamex coilovers, much better but still not impressed and will be swapping to adjustable shocks and springs again but bilstiens etc...

much better

then wanted to know what it was running after it seemed to go well for a little put put, we was all sure it had been cammed, as it idles lumpy but dyno results say otherwise or it must be very mild cams ph2???? noticed since its also had the throttlebody port and polished so its had some nice little mods done to it from previous owner, engine conversions VERY tidy,all polybushed, previous owner was also a honda man who owns integras and crxs etc...

best run was 137bhp at the fly not wheels, cant remember the torque figure(will be running far more than that anyway soon)

little drive, 3rd gear syncro needs replacing but ive got an ax gt gearbox to go on anyway and then getting this box overhauled

trip to wales

im no tog just took them for abit of fun on a camera phone and then used them for fallen angel to get the name out abit

while in wales i was sure that i had a shagged wheelbearing so took it to pjs autos and that wants doing and the cv gaitor is split, while there i looked underneath and i cant believe how clean it is for a 1992 car, no rust or rot on the shell

back to rw developments for paintwork, where the car had been keyed and also had laquer pealed and the previous owner had rubbed little bits down,

as i 1st stated lads havent even setup shop propperly yet so propper spray booth and everything is to be setup etc etc... they did a really nice job of my car and im very fussy.

while it was there we was seeing which colour carbon fibre weave to go, think im going for just the normal,

carbon kevlar or blue weave may just look chav on a 106 Sad, depending on which styling route i go of course it could still look good,

so carbon bonnet, boot and the roofs being cut out and replaced with a carbon fibre panel with 0 sunroof(will involve other stuff aswell like cage extending but rw developments will be doing all the work)

brought some original s1 xsi indicaters the halfords **** ones were really annoying me and as the wing was sprayed those pieces of **** wasnt going back on lol

i then got carried away again and was looking at getting these from spoox motorsport

but rw developments going to make them, so for now i have no coilpack cover(being used for mould)

since then theres no point with the throttlebody cover being made as itll be on these babys

also tried these wheels on the 106 to see if we can mix and match some styles lol

another idea

and paintwork was all completed yesterday and polished up etc... looks loverly now

should be loads to write up soon

awaits replies silent its all good fun
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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 1:53 am

Welcome back cheers
my mate Andy Hill has a phase 1 in miami blue with a 16v conversion, exactly the same! pretty much a full on track car now,he's spent thousands on it, as well as mods alot has gone on repairs, countless rear beams and gearbox's, and a couple of engines. i think he's using some kind of rover gearbox now which is proving to be reliable.

my first car was a 106 quiksilver, and i loved it. it handled so damn good, so fun to drive and flick about, so i got alot of love for french hatches. aswel as a few mates having 106 gti's still to this day as their track toys.

as much as i like them/see the fun in them, always in the back of my mind is the reason they are quick, and fun because. Its because of their inherent, 'frenchness'.
a cheap lightweight shell, with an engine you can find in its bigger 5 door family saloon brother.

the day andy took his phase 1 16v to be cam'd and remapped, to finish it off, in his words, he came back in the evenning, and straight up to cannock orbitals.
i had my ek4 sir then, and i whopped his ass lap after lap.

the ek has tokico gas shocks with ebay springs, and was completely standard power wise apart from a hks mushroom filter, and i whopped his ass lap after lap.

it handled better, and it was a car length, to one and a half car length's quicker in a straight line.

the feeling when you drive a honda, is a special feeling. its fast because of special, clever technology. rather than a light/cheap shell/components with an engine from a family saloon.

but you ask me which is more fun? i'd probably say it was a close one.

i'm buying an s2000 very soon, is that much quicker, or quicker at all than a civic or integra? no, not at all, but its going to be more fun to drive, and thats the reason you should buy a car, to have a smile everytime you drive it


"Hellaflush isn't just about hard parking and taking photos of your flush ride. It's about making it look good racing/drifting it."
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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 2:27 am

I like it Jim,

As dave said I too have owned a quicksilver and they are fun to drive but my last experience with a Peugeot has put me off French cars, Im sure you will drive it have fun and end up coming back to Honda/Toyota somthing Jap soon :-)

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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 4:38 am

Like everyone esle, I used to have an S1 Si & a S2 Gti. Do have a big soft spot for a tidy 106! Running the same Intake, manifold & exhaust as my gti too!

&& Those OMP seats are lurllyyyyy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 8:14 am

Looks good mate. Had few pugs before myself...

And the beast...

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Hashiriya San

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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 10:07 am

haha cheers for the replies glad i wasnt threatened off,

jap has always and will always be where my heart is, the pug 106 gti/saxo vts is more my dirty little secret lol,

ive had my play with a few hondas its been exciting to say the least, ph3 cams your probably looking at 140/150bhp@fly, mines pretty much just a stock gti engine in an s1 shell, with breathing mods,

gearboxs are absolutly awefull and it always seems to be 3rd gear even an uprated lad motorsport gearbox in my vts was no match for abuse lol, the engines are pretty good i keep getting it in the ear off my mates to put a b16/b18 lump in it and i would love to do it but the cost would be in the thousands i would want it fwd still and in the front not the back like that other gti, plus theres good opportunities out of the jp4 engines.

ill catch you guys at the next meet and see if that clowns still out in the red 106 xsi who waited for me all night till i left for home lmao.
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Hashiriya San

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Joined : 2011-04-19

PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 10:09 am

i know hillbilly off facebook aswell that s1 is stunning, he should all going well be having a carbon fibre bonnet from dean with the white toyota starlet after they have made mine,

i think i remember that 405 aswell was it an mi16??
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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 10:39 am

yeah noway, he loves that S1, he's had it years!

i wish i loved a single car that much to keep it, and progress it like he has done.
hoping the s2000, when i get it, will keep me happy for a few years!

you may know our mutual friend josh with a yellow s2 gti then too.

2bf the only thing that went wrong with my quiksilver was the gearbox, and it got thrashed everyday for a year and a half. pretty reliable all things considered.

btw i love that M3 blue Ep3, mucho potentiale'


"Hellaflush isn't just about hard parking and taking photos of your flush ride. It's about making it look good racing/drifting it."
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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 10:47 am

M3 blue ep is sick !!

White 405 was a td, running 36psi before it popped lol
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Hashiriya San

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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Tue 26 Jul 2011, 11:11 pm

i love the s2000s myself did you ever know pete with the grey one???

i think me and your mate had a run in a few weeks ago on my way back from north wales, yellow gti with grey compomotive mo's lives in the pub???

i had all my bags and passenger in the car coming off holiday was late at night next minute theres a gti sat up my ass so i gave him what he wanted, he overtook on the straight he was only on his own and weighed about 10 stone max lol, im 22 myself so im 2 of him and passenger and all my stuff,

but ive heard his has had a fair bit of work done so itll be faster anyway lol

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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Wed 27 Jul 2011, 3:58 am

That EP Is Yummm
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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Wed 27 Jul 2011, 5:39 am

my friend has an s1 106 much like this one, except he's running 189bhp and 175ftlb through a 1.4 gearbox, it flys, but stops at about 110!
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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   Wed 27 Jul 2011, 5:53 am

I own a S1 106 XND for its 65 mpg it gets me. its quite fun to drive too

[quote="tesh"]I'm going to hit the video bandwagon watch out for the vid of me standing in my cupboard will be called 'INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD' [/quote]
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PostSubject: Re: fdm anyone   

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