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 91 EC8 Civic with lump swap

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PostSubject: 91 EC8 Civic with lump swap   Thu 09 Jun 2011, 9:45 am

Hi guys,

A friend suggested i check out the forum, fair few nice cars on the build thread so i thought i would post mine up.
Its cut n pasted from another forum, hopefully it makes sense:

Quote :
Fairly known on the forum. Its Adams old DX.

Really enjoying it. Runs well, although its still running the 1.3 exhaust so power is slightly down. This is shown on my dyno graph. This will be sorted next month and want to get it mapped as it is so i know im making good power before i start head work. Currently 132bhp / 102lbs. With induction kit and a JDM 4-2-1 manifold.

Suspension is good, although the rear shocks are different to the fronts and often bottom out, so will have to look into a new set of coilovers all round to be perfect i think. It does however handle very well, really flat through the corners etc. Although perhaps too hard for the UK roads.

Anyway, some pictures:

Car looks great, alot of this was down to Graham, previous owner. Car is clean everywhere you look. All ive added in the couple days ive owned her is my nardi wheel and a spoon gear knob.



Quote :
Small update:

When i bought the car i had aqquired a Stainless Steel Mandrel bent exhaust system. Only problem was that it was for a CRX and not a Civic. It was also a straight through system with a single backbox at the rear.
It's been sitting in the garage since i bought the car. So i decided i best look into see how easy or hard it will be to make it fit.

A good friend was telling me about a friend of hers that had started a business making exhaust systems at the start of this year. After seeing some of their work i decided to make the hour trip up to Watford to see them.

I gave Eldin @ EMP Performance a call on the Thursday afternoon and he was able to slot me in for the following morning. Before the call i was dubious about whether an exhaust shop would be up for modifying/extending other peoples work, mainly as i imagined it wouldnt be a very profitable job. However Eldin was really enthusiastic and left me with confidence not to worry.

I turned up EMP in Watford at around 9am. I presented Eldin with the exhaust system and straight away he got to work.

The exhaust system came from a mk2 CRX VT (iirc), it only needed about 12" of pipework extended to meet my manifold and a few hangers moving around. I also asked Eldin to change the tip as it was previously a rolled in (halfrauds) style.

I didnt get many pictures, but here are the three i did get:

The system is seriously loud. If im honest a bit louder than i expected. I'd probably say its not far from a buddyclub if not the same. I'm in two minds about asking them to put in a silencer.
Although at full chat it sounds awesome Twisted Evil

There should also be a performance increase as the car was still running its 1.3ltr exhaust system from the old engine. The car does seem to rev more freely but this could be a placebo as its sooo loud! Twisted Evil

Overall im really happy with the work and service from EMP and strongly recommend anyone thats thinking of having any exhaust work done to give them a call. They weren't my local should but the trip was well worth it to ensure i got good work. [+]

Some new coilovers should be arriving on my doorstep soon, so hopefully another update by the end of the week.


PS. Could a mod move this into the project section? Thanks

Quote :

Fitted some Gaz Coilovers which have transformed the car. Fantastic amount of grip, although they are set pretty stiff as its pretty low atm.
Also had a silencer fitted to the exhaust, alot nicer now under partial throttle and still has its foot to the floor howl.

Couple pictures showing the ride height and exhaust system:

More in the library.

Next up are some D2 LCA and hopefully some bigger brakes [+]


Quote :
Small update:

Fitted some new shoes.

Their Racing Sparco's but i have no idea what model. Very similar to NS1's. They are also very very light.

Let me know what you think..

Excuse the filthy car!

More updates pretty soon

Quote :
So last night with great help from Russman we started the hub swap.

Last nights objective was to get the old hubs off and the new hubs on with calipers, new disks and new pads. Leaving the TRE/Steering rack mod for this morning.

So this morning a relatively early start, so the method we took based on varies posts and advice was 10mm off the TRE and then we ended up taking around 20mm from the steering rack. Others suggested around 10mm off the rack but that still left us with loads of toe in. I think perhaps its a longer rack, being a DX rack?

This is what we cut off:

Hub bolted on:

The brakes now fill the wheel up very nicely. In fact it is extremely tight on clearance on the caliper:

Compared to the old brakes:

So at the moment i am left with a little bit of toe out. Plan is to get it tracked tomorrow and then bed in the brakes.


Couple recent pictures:

So thats pretty much where i am now. Next thing to do now is to up the power Twisted Evil

C&C Welcome


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PostSubject: Re: 91 EC8 Civic with lump swap   Thu 09 Jun 2011, 9:59 am

Welcome to TOA Louis
clean ef build, glad to see someone using the underrated D16 TWIN CAM.


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PostSubject: Re: 91 EC8 Civic with lump swap   Thu 09 Jun 2011, 10:38 am

D16a9 hmm welcome to TOA dude had fun reading my DX thread lol..

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PostSubject: Re: 91 EC8 Civic with lump swap   Thu 09 Jun 2011, 8:42 pm

I like this a lot!
My first Honda was an ED7 with the d16a9 and it was awsome!

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PostSubject: Re: 91 EC8 Civic with lump swap   Fri 10 Jun 2011, 12:23 am

very nice, looks good on the sparco's

Zenki Love
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PostSubject: Re: 91 EC8 Civic with lump swap   

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91 EC8 Civic with lump swap
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