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 1.3 16v colt project.

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PostSubject: 1.3 16v colt project.   Fri 03 Jun 2011, 8:12 am

Ok well i may aswell start a project as at the end of this month its being resprayed.

I have a 1.3 16valve attivo colt (rare 1.3 engine)

ive owned it from february 2010. in october i made the bad mistake of spraying it matt black (then once i sprayed it i had an accident with an audi) meaning i had to buy a new front wing, bumper, bonnet and drivers side headlight)

i then carbon wrapped the wings as a temporary look good idea. which dont look too bad but attracts the wrong attention from the police Razz

so pics of it before, then pics as matt black. (im ready for the rinsing)

first upgrade was the headunit and speakers.

the a ralliart gear knob

Seat covers (recycling)


Sprayed engine bay bits Very Happy also going a different colour once resprayed Smile

Crash damage with new headlight


as it stands now

Oh Im Ant btw Very Happy

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1.3 16v colt project.
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