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 Project: SKATE - Support us!

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PostSubject: Project: SKATE - Support us!   Wed 22 Dec 2010, 9:02 pm

Project: SKATE is the proposal being put forward to the Dudley metropolitan borough for an indoor skate park, servicing the tri-borough area of extreme sports fans.

In principal, over the last couple of years a number of outdoor, free skate parks have cropped up that are all useless unless the park is dry, sunny and has security due to loitering kids who have no interest in any aggressive sport.

After speaking with the head of leisure for the area, a meeting in January has been set-up to discuss our options for a future build utilising private and lottery funding.

I know this probably has no interest to anyone on TOA, but growing up skating myself I'm sick of kids being either bullied out of skate spots by idiots who have nothing better to do, or going to parks that literally teach you nothing.

If you can muster up the strength to click on the facebook group below, it would mean a lot..

We have the local papers on board, along with a couple of private investors too. Please, help me and the others involved make this a reality by just showing your support.


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PostSubject: Re: Project: SKATE - Support us!   Fri 24 Dec 2010, 7:52 am

i used to skate, i used to go to warped an then just when i started to get good it shut down and i stopped as there was no were to skate, then they dropped the park in the subway in wolves town and people kept getting robbed eventually over time it stopped but i passed my test an couldent be arsed to even attemp to do it any more.

i know of people trying the same as you and nothin ever came of it, england is just a shit place for things to do young or old.

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Project: SKATE - Support us!
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