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 Nato Green EG5

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PostSubject: Nato Green EG5   Wed 06 Oct 2010, 7:28 am

thought id do a thread to show how my car ended up how it is so far
the day i bought her

first mods

looked good in pics, but paintwork was shocking
so painted it matt black, with a roller cost me a whole 20(wouldnt advise it)

so my boss offered to spray it for me, coz he was learning to wet spray and needed a test subject

powdercoated my alloys

also added vti spoiler

had the head reconditioned, so powdercoated rocker cover

long arm cold air feed

just need a decent filter on it
cat-back exhaust for 25

stripped interior

vti seats


swapped alloys(coz too many people with orange wheels)



still to go on

short shift

car is off road at the moment, bottom end needs rebuilding, and while its apart im getting the head port an polished and also really need new brakes all the way round.

plans to turbo it, but not ebay kit!!!!!

unsure whether to repaint in same colour(as you can see lines and runs) or paint satin black
would love to put 15" banded steelies on
bit like this

also need to get the rear lower so might invest in coilovers at a later date
also need a roof rack for my bmx

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Nato Green EG5
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